When is the conference being held?

In 2008, the presentations will be available for viewing the weeks of October 20 and 27, and will remain online indefinitely. The preconference keynote will be available the week of October 13, 2008. Don't miss the LIVE events also available during the two weeks of October 20 through 31.

Is there any cost involved?

No, this online conference is free and open to anyone, anywhere, to view and comment.

How do I participate? Do I need to Register?

During the conference dates you participate by downloading the presenter's content, reviewing it and then posting feedback or comments on the presentation posting. The Conference schedule (2008 offerings) identifies when a particular presenter's content will be available (after the identified date, the schedule will have a link to the content). You can also get involved syncronously during the weekly Elluminate sessions highlighted on the schedule as well. These live sessions provide an opportunity for you to listen to the week's presenters, ask questions directly and visit with other participants (virtually, speaking).

There is no need to register in this conference, however, you may want to sign the Guest Book or add your name to the Google map so that you are 'counted' as a participant when the convenors complete conference statistics.

It's a good idea to watch this conference feed for conference information, follow the conference twitter feed, or check back regularly to the Conference website. You can find additional information about making the most of the conference as a participant here.

How do the LIVE sessions work?

We will have weekly LIVE Elluminate sessions so that conference participants can interact and ask questions of the Keynote speakers and other presenters. A link will be posted to the conference schedule that will give you access to the weekly Elluminate sessions. If you are unable to attend the Elluminate chats, we will make an archive of the event available. Click here for a demo of Elluminate.

What time are the online sessions?

Other than the LIVE Elluminate chats, all of the sessions will be pre-recorded for you to watch/listen to at your convenience. The Elluminate session times will all be published on the conference blog well in advance of each event. Watch the blog for more details. Instructions will be posted on the main conference EVENTS page.

What about blocked content?

Have a look at our information on accessing blocked content.

How can I receive updates on what's happening with K12Online?

Check out the many ways to keep connected to the conference.

How do the events work?

I've heard of "Before the Dawn," "Fireside Chats," "Teasers," and "RoundTables." What are these and how do Participate?

Before the Dawn -

Fireside Chats - join the conference organizers and the keynote speakers in free wheeling open-ended chats in Elluminate

Teasers - a new teaser is released each day in the run up to the conference. View the teasers now!

RoundTables -

Can I view previous year's presentations?

All of the 2006 conference presentations and supporting material are available.
ALL of the 2007 conference presentations and supporting material are available.

Where can I get more help?